The Most Exciting Extra Lingam Massage in Prague

The majority of people believe that a lingam massage simply involves the masseuse arousing the male client and hurriedly bringing him to a state of sexual climax. Much like a ‘rub and tug massage.’ On the contrary our therapists have a very spiritual, affectionate and tantric approach to this form of adult massage therapy.

Connecting with another human being through the art of seductive touch is most certainly the necessary tonic of our time. body’s desire to be touched is a fundamental need. WE Ooffer Massage nourishes the body and calms the mind. It brings healing and immense pleasure to one’s life.

It is important not to confuse a lingam massage with foreplay or more. In case, the door to the sensual world would be firmly closed. This massage Lingam to completely relax the client’s body whilst prolonging the waves of bodily pleasure. The initial strokes purely focus on releasing the tension in the back and shoulders and tight muscles throughout the body. She achieves this by using tantric techniques, body to body massage, playful titillation and massaging every millimeter of the body generously, lovingly and skillfully.  The lingam massage is purely part of the Tantric Massage experience.